TOP > Adjusting the Product > Configuring Optional Barcode Check Function > Setting Up the Barcode Checker > Changing How the RS-232C Interface is Used (When Using the KEYENCE Barcode Checkers)
When using one of the KEYENCE barcode checkers (BL-1301, SR-710), modify the barcode checker's operational settings so that it can communicate with the product, and then connect it to the product. After connecting the barcode checker to the product, change the [Interface] setting of the RS-232C interface to [RS-232C Reader] on the product. With this setting, the product can detect the barcode checker and automatically connect with it according to the barcode checker's interface settings.
Press the / buttons to select [Tools], and then press the button.
Press the / buttons to select [Barcode Checker] > [Test] > [Interface], and then press the button.

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