[Tear-Off] (Feeding media to the position for manual cutting)
[Cut & Print]
Allows you to continuously print and cut at the specified media repeat. If no print data is received within the period specified for [Eject Cut], the product will feed the media to the cut position and cut the last printed media. Media errors do not occur when using cut & print mode. You can specify this option if you have installed the cutter unit.
[Linerless] (CL4NX only)
You cannot set the [Print Mode] if [Auto-mode] is [Enabled].
Select [Printing] using the / buttons.
Select [Print Mode] using the / buttons.
The [Print Mode] screen appears.
(CL4NX only) Do not select Linerless Mode to use RFID tags on an RFID model. If you set Linerless Mode, you cannot use RFID tags.
If no option is installed, [Continuous] and [Tear-Off] are available.
If the optional cutter unit is installed, [Continuous], [Tear-Off], [Cutter], and [Cut & Print] are available.
If the optional dispenser unit is installed, [Continuous], [Tear-Off], and [Dispenser] are available.
If the optional linerless cutter kit is installed to CL4NX, only [Linerless] is available.

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