[Wi-Fi Direct]
The Wi-Fi Direct function is enabled if you have selected [Infrastructure] in the [Mode] menu. If you have changed the setting from [Ad-hoc] to [Infrastructure] in the [Mode] menu, reboot the product before setting the Wi-Fi Direct function.
Set the device name for the product using [Device Name]. You can enter 1 to 32 characters. Alphabets (capital and small letters), numbers and symbols can be used.
Press the button to return to the [Wi-Fi] menu and press the button to enable changes.
Select [Connect] to search and show the connectable device names or to accept connection requests when the product is the GO (Group Owner).
Select [Start Group] if you want to start a new persistent group or select a group from the list.
Select [Remove Group] to remove the persistent group in step 3.
Select [Disconnect] if you want to stop the connection.
When Wi-Fi Direct is active, [Device Name] cannot be changed.
[Start Group] and [Remove Group] are shown only if Wi-Fi is active and the product is not connected to a Wi-Fi Direct network.
[Remove Group] is shown if Wi-Fi is active and the product is connected.

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