TOP > Various Settings of the Product > Enabling SATO App Storage
Select [Interface] using the / buttons and press the button.
Select [Network] > [Services] > [SATO App Storage] using the / buttons.
Select [Login] and press the button.
When [Upload log data] is displayed, there is a print log which has not been uploaded to SATO App Storage. All the print logs which have not been uploaded to SATO App Storage are uploaded if [Upload log data] is selected.
After installing applications via SATO App Storage, information for each application can be checked by pressing [Application Setting] on the screen in step 5. Select an application from the list and press the button. You can check the setting status of the automatic application update and the time product access the SATO App Storage.
Press the button while the product is in Online mode, and then press the button while selecting [SATO App Storage].
On a browser, you can use the same functions as those on the product's [Interface] > [Network] > [Services] > [SATO App Storage] menu.
On the [Settings] page of the web configuration page, go to [Interface] > [Network] > [Services], then click [START] in the [SATO App Storage] menu to display the [SATO App Storage] page.

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