TOP > Navigating the Application > Top Toolbar > Application Preferences
Click the [Preferences] icon on the top toolbar.
The [Application Preferences] page is shown.
Click the button on the upper left of the [Application Preferences] page to return to the printer page.
In [General Settings], you can perform the following settings.
Setting the Default Language
Setting the Default Country
Click the [Default Country] drop-down list and select your country.
Enabling the Application Debug Logs
By default, the log file is created at the “AIOTv2Log” folder under users’ “Documents” folder, i.e. UserPath\Documents\AIOTv2Files\AIOTv2Log, where the UserPath is the path of the current PC user.
In case of reporting bugs or problems, users should enable [Application Debug Logs], run the application to recreate the issue and provide the log file to customer support for help.
The [Application Debug Logs] is default set to disable. Click the toggle switch to change the setting to enable.
Enabling the Application Logs
With the [Application Logs] enabled, you have given the company your consent to use the access information it has collected for the maintenance of the All-In-One Tool and for statistical analysis of how the All-In-One Tool is used to provide better services.