TOP > Various Menus of the Application > The [Others] Menu > Printer Display Customization
This feature enables you to upload boot splash/screen images and help videos to be available on the [Information] > [Help] menu of the printer. This feature is available for CL4NX/CL6NX/CL4NX-J/CL6NX-J/CL4NX Plus/CL6NX Plus/CL4NX-J Plus/CL6NX-J Plus series (firmware version must be 1.4.1 or later), FX3-LX_Ln, PW4NX, CT4-LX/CT4-LX-HC/HC4-LX series and S84NX/S86NX series printers.
On the printer page, click [Others] > [Printer Display Customization] of the selected printer.
The [Printer Display Customization] dialog is shown.
The [Printer Display Customization] function records a new image/video file or overrides the old one if the file already exists in the printer. On the list, the [Uploaded] column (b) shows [Yes] if the particular image/video file exists. Or it shows [No] if there is no uploaded file.
Click [START UPLOAD] (d).
Click [DELETE] (e).
Click [DELETE ALL] (f).