The [Export Printer Log] function is a feature that allows users to extract and save logs or records of printer activities, this is useful for troubleshooting purposes. This function allows users export Hex-Dump data from the printer, which is a record of received data in a hexadecimal format that can be saved on user PC for analysis or sharing.
On the printer page, click [Settings] > [Tools] > [HEX-Dump] of the selected printer. And then click the [Hex Dump Mode] toggle switch to enable it.
On the printer page, click [Others] > [Export Printer Log] of the selected printer.
The [Export Printer Log] dialog is shown.
Confirm that the [Select Interface] option shows the interface used to receive the print data for creating the Hex-dump data.
Click the icon beside the selected interface to clear the selection. If all selections are cleared, the [Submit] button will be disabled.
The printer may take some time to process the Hex-Dump data in the log file. Click the [Retry] button to make another attempt if the data is not retrieved.
If the printer disconnected suddenly, click the [Retry] button and the application will make another attempt to obtain the Hex-Dump data.
Click [Submit], and then specify the file name and the location to save the file.
By default, the log file is created at the “Printer Log” folder under users’ “Documents” folder, i.e. UserPath\Documents\AIOTv2Files\Printer Log, where the UserPath is the path of the current PC user.