[RFID] Settings
[Antenna Position]
[Write Power]
[Read Power]
[Tag Offset]
[Reader Model]
[Reader Version]
[PLD Version]
[Retry Mode]
Set the number of times the retry/release operations as set in [Retry Mode] are repeated before printing stops and the RFID error screen opens, when an RFID error occurs.
[Mark bad tags]
[RFID Undetected Warning]
[Log RFID Data]
[Data To Record]
Set the data to record the log when [Log RFID Data] is enabled.
[Output Error Mode]
[Pulse Length]
Appears only if you have selected [Pulse] in the [Output Error Mode] menu.
[Tag Offset]
[Tag Offset]
[Encoding Action]
Appears when [Tag Offset] is set to something other than 0 mm (0").
[Filter Function]
[RSSI Filter]
[Threshold Value]
[Starting Point]