[I-Mark Levels]
Select the [I-Mark Levels] in the [Calibrate] menu and press the button.
Press the / buttons to change the [Emit] value until the [Sensor] value is below 0.5 (V). Set the [Emit] value as low as possible.
If the [Sensor] value does not decrease below 0.5 after you changed the [Emit] value, press the / buttons to change the [Receive] value.
Take a note of the [Sensor] value from the above procedure. This is the "Low" level value for the I-mark sensor.
Check the [Sensor] value.
If the difference between the "High" and the "Low" levels is less than 1.0, adjust the [Emit] and [Receive] values so that the difference is more than 1.0, or adjust the "Low" level (voltage) of the I-mark sensor again.

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