[Printing] Menu
[Label Length]
[Label Width]
[Auto Measure]
[Sensor Type]
I-Mark (When [Print Mode] is [Dispenser], [Tear-Off], [Continuous], [Cutter], or [Partial cutter])
None (When [Print Mode] is [Linerless tearoff] or [Linerless cutter])
[I-Mark Position]
[Label Size]
[I-Mark Offset]
[Print Mode]
If [Auto-mode] is enabled
If [Auto-mode] is disabled
Before (If [Print Mode] is set to [Tear-Off], [Partial cutter], [Linerless tearoff] or [Linerless cutter])
After (If [Print Mode] is set to [Dispenser] or [Cutter])
None (If [Print Mode] is set to [Continuous])
[Cutter Type]
[Eject Cut]
[GAP Levels]
[GAP Slice Level]
[I-Mark Levels]
[I-Mark Slice Level]
[Dispenser Levels]
[Linerless Levels]
[Head Check]
[Head Check Mode]
[Every Page]
[Check Media Size]
[Darkness Adjust]
[Start Online]
[Feed After Error]
[Feed At Power On]
[Finisher Feed]
[Paper End]
[Print End Position]

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