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The DP (Direct Print) status icon is shown on the status bar at the top of the display.
If the DP status icon is not shown, you can enable the direct print mode in the [SETTINGS] > [Applications] > [DIRECT PRINT] menu. Select the check box of [Enable] to enable the direct print mode.
When [DIRECT PRINT] is set to [Enable], the [SETTINGS] > [Applications] > [Protocol] setting is default set as [SBPL].
If you need to set the [Protocol] to SZPL, SIPL, STCL, SDPL or SEPL, you have to disable the [DIRECT PRINT] function first.
Set the length and width of the label in the [SETTINGS] > [Printing] > [Label Length] and the [SETTINGS] > [Printing] > [Label Width] menus.
The Auto Measure function is not recommended to be used for PDF direct print. Disable the [Auto Measure] and set the [Label Length] and [Label Width] of the label accordingly.
[SETTINGS] > [Printing] > [Media Type]
[SETTINGS] > [Printing] > [Printing Mode]
[SETTINGS] > [Printing] > [Speed]
[SETTINGS] > [Printing] > [Sensor Type]
[SETTINGS] > [Printing] > [Darkness]
If you are using multiple types of media, first use [SETTINGS] > [Tools] > [Media Profiles Editing] > [Media Profiles Registration] to register a profile for each media. After that, apply the profile for the media you are using to the printer.