TOP > Navigating the Application > Printer Page > Printer Page in List View
(1) Sorting the Printer List
Clicking the [Name], [Series], [Folder Name], [Interface] or [Status] will sort the order of the printer list accordingly.
(2) Showing the Printer Status Details
Click the button on the left of the printer image to expand the row and show the Ribbon Status, Media Status and Error Code.
Click the button to collapse this information.
(3) Deleting Printer from the List
The [Delete] button, [Select All] button and [Clear] button are shown on upper left of the printer page.
Click [Select All] to select all the printers on the printer page.
Click [Clear] to clear all the check boxes of the selected printers.
Click [Delete] to delete the selected printers from the printer page.
When the [Delete] button is clicked, the confirmation dialog is shown. Click [Yes] to proceed.
(4) Showing the Printer Information
The [Printer Information] dialog is shown.
Refer to Showing and Editing Printer Information for more details on editing the printer information.
(5) Showing the Settings Menu
Click [Settings] to show the [Settings] menu.
Refer to The Settings Menu for more details on the operation.
(6) Showing the Others Menu
Move the cursor to [Others] to show the [Others] drop-down menu.
Refer to The Others Menu for more details on the functions.