Test Printing for Split Print Function (CL4NX/CL6NX/CL4NX Plus/CL6NX Plus/S84NX/S86NX)
By enabling the [Split test] mode, you can perform test printing for the split print function. When the PDF data is sent to the printer, only the split images of the first page of the PDF document are printed.
To enable the [Split test] mode, perform the following procedure.
In the [Settings] > [Applications] > [DIRECT PRINT] menu, select [Split Page setting] using the / buttons.
The [Split Page setting] screen appears.
Select [Split test] using the / buttons, then press the button.
Select [Enabled] using the / buttons.
When the [Split test] mode is enabled, the split test icon is shown on the status bar at the top of the display.
After performing the test print, you must disable the [Split test] mode to resume back to the actual printing of the split print function.